Thursday 23 April08:45–09:10 Registration and coffee09:10–09:20 IntroductionProfessor Hamish McAllister-Williams (Newcastle) BIPOLAR DISORDER09:20–10:00 Pharmacology of mood stabilisersDr Richard McQuade (Newcastle) 10:00–10:05 Questions10:05–10:35 Pharmacological strategies for acute maniaProfessor Hamish McAllister-Williams (Newcastle) 10:35–11:10 Bipolar Depression: An update of psychopharmacological approachesProfessor Nicol Ferrier (Newcastle) 11:10–11:30 Coffee11:30–12:10 Maintenance treatment in bipolar disorderProfessor Allan Young (London) 12:10–12:35 Panel Questions / DiscussionDr Richard McQuade and Professor Nicol Ferrier and Professor Hamish McAllister-Williams and Professor Allan Young 12:35–13:20 LunchPERINATAL DISORDERS (CO-ORDINATED BY IAN JONES)13:20–15:00 Perinatal mood disorders13:20–13:30 Psychiatric disorders and childbirth – Interpreting the reproductive safety dataProfessor Ian Jones (Cardiff) 13:30–13:45 Principles of pharmacological management in pregnancy and lactation Dr Angelika Wieck (Manchester) 13:45–13:55 AntidepressantsProfessor Ian Jones (Cardiff) 13:55–14:10 Pharmacological management in in pregnancy and lactation: antipsychotics, mood stabilizers, anxiolytics and sleep inducers Dr Angelika Wieck (Manchester) 14:10–15:00 Case Based DiscussionDr Angelika Wieck and Professor Ian Jones 15:00–15:20 TeaADHD – FOCUSSING ON ADULT (CO-ORDINATED BY: KEVIN FONE)15:20–16:00 Underlying neurobiology and pharmacologyProfessor Kevin Fone (Nottingham) 16:00–16:40 Diagnosis and treatment of adult ADHDDr James Kustow (London) 16:40–17:00 Panel Questions / DiscussionProfessor Kevin Fone and Dr James Kustow 17:00–17:10 Sum-up and close