Wednesday 22 April08:45–09:10 Registration and coffee09:10–09:20 IntroductionProfessor Oliver Howes (London) SCHIZOPHRENIA (CO-ORDINATED BY: OLIVER HOWES)09:20–09:55 Pharmacology of antipsychotics Professor Oliver Howes (London) 09:55–10:00 Questions10:00–10:40 Schizophrenia: first episode, acute psychosis, relapse preventionDr Richard Drake (Manchester) 10:40–11:00 Coffee11:00–11:40 Adverse effects of antipsychotic drugsDr Maxine Patel (London) 11:40–12:20 Pharmacological strategies for treatment resistant schizophreniaProfessor Thomas Barnes (London) 12:20–13:00 Panel Questions / DiscussionProfessor Oliver Howes and Dr Richard Drake and Professor Thomas Barnes and Dr Maxine Patel 13:00–13:50 LunchCOMORBIDITY WITH SUBSTANCE MISUSE (CO-ORDINATED BY: ANNE LINGFORD-HUGHES)13:50–14:35 Pharmacology and pharmacological management. What psychiatrists need to know about drugs of abuse: Illicit drugs, prescribed drugs and novel psychoactive substancesDr Lesley Peters (Manchester) 14:35–14:50 Questions14:50–15:35 Pharmacology and pharmacological management of alcohol dependenceProfessor Anne Lingford-Hughes (London) 15:35–15:50 Tea15:50–16:35 Pharmacological management of comorbidity: Mental illness and substance useProfessor Julia Sinclair (Southampton) 16:35–17:05 Panel Questions / DiscussionDr Lesley Peters and Professor Anne Lingford-Hughes and Professor Julia Sinclair 17:05–17:10 Sum-up and close