Trainee comments from previous sessions (CT1):Fantastic Course!Very good session – good ratio of Trainers / Trainees, time to learn, opportunity to discuss techniquesExcellent cadaveric practical, found very useful regarding anatomyExcellent session. Very much looking forward to the next session.Well organised – very useful for orthopaedic rotationSurgical approaches on cadaveric specimens very useful, great opportunity to learn and ask questions outside of the pressures of normal theatre sessionsExcellent practical resourses. Mixture of theory & practical skills. Excellent, encouraging TutorsMost useful for development as a Surgeon – practical aspect with demonstration of anatomy on cadavers & different approachesExcellent session, relaxed and informal which encourages questions to be asked and enhances learningGreat session, learn alot!Relaxed atmosphere – good learning environmentExcellent session – I look forward to the next!