“Through the interactive discussions, personal practice and small-group workshops of this medical/surgical CT / ST / SPR interview skills course, you will learn:How to bring structure your answers during medical interviews in order to avoid wafflingHow to personalise your answers using examples drawn from your experience and achievementsHow to use each question as an opportunity to sell yourselfHow to give a mature opinion on governance and current NHS issuesHow to create a rapport with the interviewers and deliver natural answersImportant medical interview techniques to derive answers to any questionThe course is specifically for candidates applying to CT, ST or SPR posts and caters for all the majors aspects being tested at CT, ST & SpR interviews. It is also suitable and fully relevant for candidates applying to non-training posts (staff grade).In order to maintain the high quality of our courses, we are only accepting 12 participants maximum. You will therefore be able to raise and address at length any personal issues you want to discuss.During the course we will be working on real CT & ST interview questions asked at previous CT & ST interviews. If there are specific issues or medical interview questions that you want to discuss, bring them along and we will do our best to incorporate them within the CT / ST interview course.”