This COPD Update workshop is designed for Healthcare professionals who have already undertaken some formal COPD education, and who now need an update in this area.

Led by practising clinicians, this workshop focuses on the most up-to-date evidence and treatment options for supporting and treating patients with COPD, considering the new and emerging guidelines in the management of patients with this condition e.g. the new NICE Quality Standard for COPD.

Taught and facilitated sessions, promoting discussion, interaction and practical advice will provide you with the skills to apply the latest evidence and treatment options for COPD patients in your own practice, based on your knowledge of the most recent guidelines in the management of this condition.

You will learn to:

Apply the latest evidence to practice in COPD
Recognise and manage exacerbations
Tailor treatment for COPD – not lung function
Be aware of newer treatment options for people with COPD
Understand the importance of getting the right diagnosis
Consider the impact of national/international guidelines on the management of COPD in the UK