The COPD Level 6 multi-professional module focuses upon the assessment and management of the individual with COPD within the context of the wider community. Importance is placed on a patient centred approach, the health needs of the individual, health promotion and self-empowerment whilst acknowledging the professional, political and social climate within which services are provided.This module is aimed at any health care professional who wants to develop a leading role in the delivery and management of services for people with COPD and their families. This module aims to equip students with the knowledge and skills to develop as autonomous practitioners in safe, effective and evidence-based practice in the field of COPD.On completion of the course successful students will be able to suggest, initiate and vary treatment in response to individual needs. They will demonstrate sound knowledge of the literature relevant to COPD and an insight into the strategic approaches to delivery of care, to enable them to take a lead on the development of services.