“Nationally, there is a general naivety regarding diversion issues.” Care Quality Commission July 2018“The scale of diversion of controlled drugs during 2017 is also a concern and CQC is continuing to support the work of other agencies to address this.” CQC July 2018“We find insufficient monitoring and audit, and are aware of thefts and diversion of controlled drugs, particularly those in lower schedules… We expect organisations to risk-assess their controlled drug arrangements, with regular monitoring according to their organisational needs, to keep losses to a minimum” Care Quality Commission July 2018“There is a general lack of awareness of who to report incidents to …We expect organisations to have a standard operating procedure in place that explains all ways to report and that encourages open reporting and a nonblame culture. We also expect to see evidence of incidents and the learning from them.” CQC July 2018“Some organisations are unaware of the importance of recording and auditing all stages of the controlled drug journey, and the need for standard operating procedures and ongoing regular review” Care Quality Commission July 2018“Services should think about incorporating self-assessment, monitoring and clinical audit into their controlled drug arrangements and review their reporting culture” Care Quality Commission July 2018“There is a general lack of clarity on issuing controlled drug alerts, particularly regarding the level of detail that should be included.” Care Quality Commission July 2018The national controlled drugs summit focuses on the safe use, prescribing and management of controlled drugs including monitoring adherence against the NICE guidance on the safe use and management of controlled drugs. This year there is an extended focus on identifying and investigating Controlled Drugs abuse by healthcare staff following the Care Quality Commission recent findings that “we have become aware of an increasing number of incidences of healthcare staff diverting or misusing controlled drugs”.The conference will also look at improving governance, reporting, self assessment, monitoring and clinical audit of controlled drugs in response to the findings of the Gosport Inquiry which was published in July 2018:“At the time of writing this report, we are particularly aware of the inquiry into the deaths of patients at Gosport War Memorial Hospital, which found that patients died through opioids prescribed “without medical justification”. Although controlled drug governance arrangements are now strengthened compared with those in the 1980s and 1990s, there is no room for complacency. Services should think about incorporating self-assessment, monitoring and clinical audit into their controlled drug arrangements and review their reporting culture.” Care Quality Commission July 2018“Penalties for their unlawful use or supply can be severe. However, the culture in the British and most western healthcare systems is that, providing legal and professional frameworks are respected, the great therapeutic value of these drugs is recognised and they may be prescribed without undue restriction when they are clinically needed.” The Gosport Inquiry June 2018“There is no evidence available to the Panel to suggest that either the pharmacists or Portsmouth HealthCare NHS Trust’s Drugs and Therapeutics Committee challenged the practice of prescribing which would have been evident at the time.” The Gosport Inquiry June 2018This conference will enable you to:Network with colleagues who are working to improve the safe use, prescribing and management of controlled drugsUnderstand the national context including developments from the CQC and monitoring adherence to the NICE guidanceReflect on the implications of the 2018 Gosport Inquiry for the governance and management of Controlled Drugs in your serviceUnderstand the scale of abuse and diversion of controlled drugs by healthcare professionalsImprove your skills in the identification and management of theft and abuse by staffLearn from police investigations and inspectionsUnderstand and develop the role of the controlled drugs accountable officerImprove your skills in the prescribing and prescribing governance of controlled drugsUnderstand how to implement an electronic ordering and prescribing system for controlled drugs & manage patients own controlled drugs brought into hospitalImprove practice in patient advice and informationEnsure lessons are learned from the investigation and reporting of controlled drugs incidentsSelf assess and reflect on your own practiceGain CPD accreditation points contributing to professional development and revalidation evidence