Contraceptive technology: an update by themes more than by the methodsA. Things to be “unlearned”: that the COC taken by the outdated 21/7 regimen is, in the real world, a good choice in contraception.B. Things to learn: new methods, and fresh angles on how to provide the old ones, including follow-up by “open house”.C. Contraceptive choices: 1. for teenagers and 20s 2. for women over 40 and peri-menopausally 3. after pregnancy of any gestation 4. with low and high body mass 5. when there is no reliable LMP – the Proving Not Pregnant Protocol 6. when quick-starting and bridging, a new norm 7. at and after emergency contraception 8. when any method results in problematic bleeding: the “D Check-list” 9. during assorted diseases and several dis-eases 10. when there are potential drug interactions (by enzyme induction and more) 11. relating to pre- or peri-conception 12. summarised: 20+ messages which may change your practice (or not, if you were already up to speed!)