Intensive 1 to 1 coaching for the consultation and communication skills. Aimed at candidates preparing for the consultations for the GP Stage 3 assessments. All cases are different to our GP Stage 3 course. We would recommend attending our main GP Stage 3 preparation course prior to attending the 1 to 1 coaching. Also suitable for doctors preparing for communication skills OSCEs or assessments for other specialties.Key Points:Intensive 1 to 1 coaching for the GP Stage 3 assessmentsRealistic cases, including high challenge casesIndividual feedback on on communication and consultation skillsConstructive feedback with emphasis on improving your weaknessesStrategies and techniques to boost your score based around the real Stage 3 mark scheme2 hour 15 minute session typically includes 4-5 mock cases with feedbackWide range of cases – including with patient, relative or carer, and colleagueDemonstrations of best practice for challenging areasIdeal for anyone sitting the Stage 3 Assessments – 1st time or resit candidatesAlso suitable for doctors preparing for communication skills assessments for the GMCIntensive Stage 3 1:1 Coaching dedicated to helping you boost your Stage 3 Scores.Our 1 to 1 consultation skills coaching team have extensive experience in helping doctors improve their consulting and to pass the GP Stage 3 exam. They are highly trained to offer a range of cases, indentifying the areas which most need improvement and giving you feedback accordingly.Cases are carried out in a realistic setting, and timed just like the real exam. You will have 10 minutes for the case including reading. In this Coaching Session, you will get the chance to practise all 3 types of consultations – with a patient, with a relative or carer and with a colleague. Each session can be tailored to meet your individual needs. If you are re-sitting, we can analyse your feedback from your last attempt and work on any specific areas of weakness highlighted.Sessions are available in Birmingham and London.Refreshments will be provided at the start of the session.Please contact us on 0121 744 6433 or via Email to request an alternative date to those available for booking online.