This course provides an introduction to group cognitive behaviour therapy for menopause symptoms.Cognitive behavioural based self-management skills are increasingly popular within physical health settings andhave been demonstrated to be effective in helping women who are experiencing problematic menopausalsymptoms. This course will help healthcare professionals to build confidence and skills to effectively supportwomen who are interested in developing these skills themselves. The training will be delivered in a lecture andworkshop format and involves experiential learning exercises. Delegates will learn to apply their new knowledgeand skills to facilitate self-management strategies within a 6 session group intervention, or working individuallywith patients.This is a combined theory and practical training module aimed at doctors, nurses and other healthcareprofessionals (e.g. applied psychologists and registered counsellors) who work regularly in the field of women’shealth or within a primary care setting. Course attendees will be equipped with the knowledge and skills requiredto run CBT groups for women experiencing problematic menopausal symptoms. A certificate of attendance willbe issued electronically after completion of the training and the course carries 12 CPD points.Who are the course organisers?Dr Melanie Smith Highly Specialist Clinical Psychologist; CBT lead on MENOS 1&2 CBT trials for well women andwomen experiencing hot flushes and night sweats following breast cancer treatment; co-author of self-help andgroup CBT books with Professor Myra Hunter.Dr Janet Balabanovic Chartered Counselling Psychologist; CBT group co-facilitator and qualitative researcher forthe MENOS CBT trials.Why consider this course?CBT aims to equip menopausal women with self-management skills to facilitate coping and reduce psychologicaldistress commonly associated with hot flushes, night sweats and other menopausal symptoms. This course willgive an in depth introduction to this evidence based 6 session intervention which will equip delegates with theknowledge and skills to facilitate groups within their own health care setting or to work individually with patientsto develop self-management strategies. Delegates will be given an overview of the significant influence ofpsychological factors in coping with distress in relation to menopausal symptoms and how CBT is relevant to this.Each session of the intervention will then be presented including interactive exercises designed to buildconfidence in working collaboratively with patients, as well as case studies, and experiential exercises to illustratehow the intervention can be applied to a variety of menopause issues. The accompanying materials are designedto enable professionals to guide women to develop self-management strategies using a cognitive behaviouralapproach. It is applicable to registered healthcare professionals working with women experiencing distressingmenopausal symptoms, in primary and secondary care, and with women who have undergone breast cancertreatments.Please note, this training course is for healthcare professionals only and it is important to be able to accessclinical supervision when using psychologically informed principles with patients.BookingThe cost of the course is £475, including a copy of Managing Hot Flushes and Night Sweats with Group CBT: Anevidence based treatment manual for health professionals by Hunter, M.S. and Smith M (2015), Routledge TaylorFrancis.You can obtain a copy of the booking form or register on-line at via credit/debit card can also be made over the telephone on 01628 890 199.Refunds for cancellations will only be given up to 30 days before the course start date and will incur a £30administration charge.The course programme can be found in full overleaf.