This is particularly challenging currently, as there is a need to develop high-quality, safe and compassionate care while increasing productivity and facilitating clinical engagement across directorates and teams. This high-impact programme will provide you with the knowledge, skills and behaviours you need to meet this challenge.An amazing programme, which has given me the confidence and skills I need to be a powerful and strategic clinical leader.Clinical director, NHS trustWho is it for?This programme is designed for existing clinical directors and lead clinicians, as well as those who are about to step into these roles or who are considering them. The majority of participants are doctors.How will you benefit from this programme?This programme will help you to manage your workload and balance the tensions between your strategic and clinical responsibilities.It will also enable you to:understand the current health policy and macro-economic contextlead complex change processes and manage complex organisations and systemsnegotiate with senior managerswork across disciplines and lead multi-disciplinary teamsmanage your clinical peers and deal with under-performing doctorsmanage conflict.You will develop your political skills, capacity to influence others and ability to motivate people and work with resistance.What will you do on this programme?You will benefit from expert policy input and exposure to experienced senior leaders through a combination of skills-based workshops and interactive sessions.