ProgrammeThursday 3 October09:30–10:00 Registration and Refreshments in the Opera Suite10:00–10:10 IntroductionDr Aditya Sharma (Newcastle) 10:10–10:55 Behavioural pharmacology in the developing brainProfessor Charles Marsden (Nottingham) 10:55–11:40 Drug management of epilepsy and psychiatric complications in children: Exploding the mythsProfessor Frank Besag (Bedford) 11:40–11:55 Q&A session11:55–12:40 Management of bipolar disorders and mood dysregulationDr Aditya Sharma 12:40–12:50 Q&A session12:50–13:45 Lunch13:45–14:30 Update on pharmacotherapy for ADHDDr Samuele Cortese (Southampton) 14:30–14:45 Q&A session14:45–15:30 Atypical antipsychotics in psychoses and other developmental disordersDr Carmen Moreno (Madrid) 15:30–15:45 Q&A session15:45–16:10 Refreshments16:10–17:10 Psychopharmacology MasterclassesGroup 1: ADHDDr Samuele CorteseGroup 2: Bipolar Disorder / Mood Stabilizers Dr Aditya SharmaGroup 3: PsychosesDr Carmen Moreno (Madrid) 17:10–17:20 Comfort break and delegates change rooms17:20–18:20 Psychopharmacology MasterclassesGroup 1: Bipolar Disorder / Mood Stabilizers Dr Aditya SharmaGroup 2: ADHDDr Samuele CorteseGroup 3: PsychosesDr Carmen Moreno (Madrid) 18:20 End of Thursday SessionsFriday 4 October08:30–08:45 Arrival and Refreshments08:45–10:00 Anxiety and Mood DisordersDr Paul Wilkinson (Cambridge) 10:00–10:15 Q&A session10:15–10:35 Refreshments10:35–11:15 Obsessive Compulsive DisorderDr Bruce Clark (London) 11:15–11:25 Q&A session11:25–12:25 Autism Spectrum Disorder – Comorbidity and PharmacotherapyDr Paramala Santosh (London) 12:25–12:45 Q&A session12:45–13:30 Lunch13:30–14:30 GROUP WORK (delegates choose two out of three groups)Group A: ASDDr Paramala SantoshGroup B: Tourette’sMr Joe Kilgariff (Nottingham)Group C: Anxiety and DepressionDr Paul Wilkinson 14:30–14:50 Refreshments and delegates change rooms14:50–15:50 GROUP WORKGroup A: ASDDr Paramala SantoshGroup B: Tourette’sMr Joe KilgariffGroup C: Anxiety and DepressionDr Paul Wilkinson 15:50 End of meetingLast edited 28th November 2018Learning ObjectivesTo be aware of the issues of drug treatments and the developing brainTo be updated on recent advances in the drug treatment of psychoses in children and adolescentsTo be aware of the advances in understanding the neurobiology of depression in young people and the role of SSRIs and other new antidepressantsTo be updated on the use of drugs in the treatment of Tourette’s syndrome and OCD in children and adolescentsTo have the opportunity to raise questions with a panel of expertsTo have the opportunity to join practical workshops on prescribingTo learn how to critically appraise the evidence for drug treatments in children and adolescentsThis module is eligible for 10 CPD hours which are subject to peer group review.