This meeting covers several main areas of emerging clinical and scientific progress in the area of stem cell transplantation.Diseases areas that will be covered include: multiple sclerosis, scleroderma, and haematological malignancies. Presentations on major recent clinical and scientific breakthroughs from clinicians, experts, scientific researchers and world leaders in the field. As well as perspectives from patients and regulatory bodies. Talks from patients, NHS England, and NICE will provide insight into the experience of living with the disease, public health perspectives on cost and treatment access.topics include:Clinical perspectives on new developments in stem cell transplantation therapies and how it impacts patient management A biomedical research perspective on emerging topics in cellular transplant therapies and remaining challenges Patient perspectives on living with MS, scleroderma, haematological malignancies Regulatory/government body perspectives (NHS/NICE/MP) on how emerging cellular transplantation therapies may be regulated and accessed by patients ratesRSM member: £39 – £96Non member: £65 – £160