This 3-hour workshop will give an overview of brief evidence-based strategies for building personaland emotional resilience and wellbeing. This new and innovative workshop has been developed tointroduce current developments in psychological therapies which can be applied personally. Thesession will review a range of brief but effective strategies derived from a range of theoreticalbackgrounds including CBT, behavioural activation, mindfulness, acceptance and commitmenttherapy and compassion focussed therapy.The material covered in the workshop will be very relevant for building emotional resilience andwellbeing in health professionals themselves. The session will review key theoretical principles butwill focus on practical learning through experience, and presenting the material in small steps.Overview of the content: The ‘Guide’: exploring Values for motivation and building meaningful lives Behavioural approaches: Values-based goal setting, ‘Towards’ and ‘Away’ behaviours, breaking vicious cycles and facilitating behaviour change Use of ‘mini’ mindfulness strategies – press pause, noticing and labelling, distress tolerance Wise and workable mind: cognitive strategies for building personal resilience (e.g. ‘wise mind’, ‘Workability’, flexible and helicopter thinking, managing difficult thoughts – Poisonous Parrot & Thought train) Kind mind: Self-compassion and gratitude, ‘taking in positive experiences’