Cascading Leadership provides an invaluable free opportunity for leaders working in health and care organisations of any size in the voluntary and community sector in the UK to develop their leadership skills and receive practical support. Why support voluntary and community sector leaders? Good leadership is key to delivering high-quality services in any sector, and the voluntary and community sector (VCS) plays a vital role in health and care, reaching into all sections of the community.Our work with some of those leaders has highlighted some sector-specific issues, including: the range and complexity of the leadership role persistent funding and sustainability challenges isolation and lack of confidence a lack of leadership development opportunities difficulties in creating meaningful engagement with the public sector and commissioners.What is Cascading Leadership?The Cascading Leadership programme was developed in 2015 to enable us to explore a new way of building leadership skills and strengthening collaboration across the voluntary and community sector. It enables VCS leaders to share their extensive and varied expertise with peers, to talk about some of the challenges they face and to plan new ways of working. Cascading Leadership is distinctive in that:people who provide support to other VCS organisations are themselves leaders in the VCS, so they understand strengths and challenges in the sectorit develops the skills of the leaders both receiving and providing the support, building leadership across the sectorthose providing the support are supervised and trained by senior staff at The King’s Fund.More information and applyingApplications for the programme have now closed.