CCrISP is a two-day, interactive course (including mandatory, pre-course eLearning) covering the practical skills and knowledge needed to look after surgical patients including those who are deteriorating or at risk of doing so.Highly knowledgeable faculty from both surgical and anaesthetic specialties will help you develop practical, theoretical and personal skills in a safe environment so that you can assess and manage critical situations in a systematic way.CCrISP is relevant to all specialties, however, examples are predominantly taken from general surgical patients.CCrISP is curriculum mandated training for Core Surgery and therefore eligible for HEE study leave applications.After attending this course, you should be able to:Adopt a structured, comprehensive approach to managing surgical patientsJudge which patients are at most risk and plan to reduce their risk of adverse outcomesRecognise the deteriorating patientModel your non-operative technical skills in a safe environment Course contentYou will participate in a variety of practical training sessions during the CCrISP course, including:Learning a system of assessment for the critically illUnderstanding the subtlety and variety of critical illness presentation, alongside ways to improve its detectionUnderstanding the importance of avoiding complications if possible Recognising the surgeon’s role in delivering multidisciplinary care to surgical patients Interacting with nursing staff, other surgeons, intensivists and anaesthetistsDelivering the information and support that patients and their relatives require during surgical care