Welcome to the seventh annual Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) prevention conference hosted by Public Health England (PHE). The focus of this year’s conference is helping people to age healthily by taking proactive, predictive and personalised action to reduce their risk of CVD.The conference aims to provide an inspiring case to improve the impact from CVD prevention interventions across England, by:hearing from leaders in the public health and NHS system as well as motivational speakerssharing new research and evidence on impact, making a compelling case for CVD prevention and its broader impact on non-communicable disease (NCD) preventiondisseminating evidenced and innovative practice, with support on how to replicatea focus on reducing health inequalitysharing lived experience from people at risk of, or living with, CVDproviding training for public health and NHS professionals with practical “how to” tips and techniquesproviding opportunities to network within and between stakeholder groupsfacilitating problem solving on ‘wicked’ issues, such as funding and resourcingconnecting commissioners and providers with private and public sector organisationsThe case for tackling CVDCVD remains one of the leading causes of premature mortality and morbidity in the UK. Vascular disease also contributes substantially to the burden of ill health from chronic kidney disease, stroke and dementia. Not only that, but the risk factors for CVD are shared across many other NCDs. In 2019 PHE published, in collaboration with 40 system partners, national ambitions on the secondary prevention of CVD. In the Long-Term Plan, NHS England also recognises the burden presented by CVD and the opportunity to not only prevent unnecessary deaths and disease but reduce the cost to the NHS. Furthermore, the prevention Green Paper sets out the government’s vision for the public living not only longer but healthier lives in the 2020s.This year the conference will focus on supporting people to age healthily by taking proactive, predictive and personalised action to reduce their risk of CVD. This will include content on the NHS Health Check which is ideally placed to help people live healthier lives by addressing the top seven risk factors driving the burden of disease and death in England. It will also include learning from policy, research and local delivery.Comments from participants in 2019“Really good range of speakers and the quality of presentations was great”“I thought the poster presentations were brilliant – it was really interesting to see what others are doing and I took away a few ideas and picked up on a couple of regional developments I could get involved with”“A very high-quality conference with a good mix of content”“The main presentations created a great buzz and lots of energy, and I really enjoyed these. There was a good use of social media and Twitter throughout with plenty of noise and interest which was great. Well organised and a friendly team”Who should attend?This conference is aimed at those involved with commissioning, providing, evaluating and supporting the NHS Health Check programme as well as wider public health and health care services which relate to the risk factors it assesses and seeks to change. These include:senior officers and elected councillors from local governmentlocal government public health commissionersprimary careproviders of the NHS Health Checkproviders of the Diabetes Prevention ProgrammePublic Health Englandintegrated care systems and partnershipsaccountable care organisationssustainability and transformation partnershipsclinical commissioning groupsNHS EnglandNHS RightCarehealthcare charitiesvoluntary and community organisationsprivate sector providers and partnersroyal colleges and societiesacademiaproviders of healthy lifestyle behaviour change servicesmedical leadership groupsother public sector organisations