Our four day intensive London Core Review cardiothoracic surgery course is for those preparing for FRCS (C-TH) examinations, surgeons in training requiring up-to-date knowledge for daily practice and re-validation. The surgery course is ideal for surgeons requiring CME and CPD credit in cardiothoracic surgery. The course is excellent for healthcare professionals such as anaesthetists, cardiologists, medical students interested in cardiac and thoracic surgery education. To re-cap, our cardiothoracic surgery course is for:Cardiac and thoracic surgeons preparing for various exams: FRCS (C-Th) Examinations in cardiothoracic surgery.Section I & II of the Intercollegiate specialty examination in cardiothoracic surgery.Cardiothoracic board exams in the USA.European Board of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgeons (EBTCS) examinations. Cardiothoracic surgeons requiring revalidation in cardiothoracic surgery. Cardiothoracic surgeons requiring for CME and CPD credit. Practising and retired cardiothoracic surgeons requiring a solid and broad knowledge for day to day practice. Anaesthetists, cardiologists, aspiring medical students, nurses, Surgical Care Practitioners (SCP), perfusionists, echo technicians and other healthcare professionals who have an interest In cardiac and thoracic Surgery. Sponsor representatives who want to have an insight into the hands-on teaching methodologies of the London Core Review faculty.WORLD CLASS CARDIOTHORACIC SURGEONS SPEAKING AT THE 2019 LONDON CORE REVIEW COURSE EVENTOver the years, the London Core Review course has been honoured to have renowned pioneering surgeons give lectures at our events. We are honoured to have Professor Nicholas Kouchoukos, Professor Gebrine El Khoury and Professor Torsten Doenst speaking at our forthcoming 2019 event. This is an excellent opportunity for delegates to talk directly with not only the guest speakers but faculty during the numerous tea, coffee and lunch breaks between the intensive lectures.