Effective behaviour change has never been more critically important in healthcare delivery, it is essential for the new era of digital health to deliver benefits. This meeting will explore current research, capture learnings from good practice and demonstrate how to successfully improve prevention and intervention in health and care through technology. Leading researchers and practitioners in behaviour science and in the domain of digital health will generate awareness of appropriate research techniques, behavioural intervention design and strategies for scaling up evidence-based approaches for change.This event will encompass focused detailed talks with Q&A and audience participation to enhance delegate engagement and comprehension. There will also be a group-based workshop were delegates are invited to bring along real-world problems they would like to research using some of the research techniques discussed on the day.Topics include:Awareness of the approach to designing behavioural interventions. Case studies showing the impact of well-designed and researched behavioural interventions. Guidance on appropriate research techniques (which tend not to be randomized controlled trials).Join in the conversation on social media using #RSMDigiHealth