What the day includesWe have worked closely with the Priory in Southgate to plan a full day Mental Health update. Topics that are regularly seen in GP have been chosen. We have specialists with specific expertise in depression, addiction, OCD and body dysmorphia attending as well as expert therapists who are paramount in supporting and treating patients. The topics have been designed specifically for primary care clinicians.The course is suitable for GPs, AiTsTopics includeHandling addiction in general practice The Journey to Recovery EUPD: managing challenging behaviour in primary care Emotional resilience for GPs – Basic CBT Coaching principalsUnderstanding Obsessive Compulsive and Body Dysmorphic DisorderDepression management in primary care Learning pointsTo feel more confident about recognising and diagnosing different mental health conditionsTo understand the different treatments and therapies that secondary care can offerTo be able to classify and treat depressionTo feel more confident risk assessing patients with different mental health conditionsTutorsThere are a number of specialists that will be delivering these talks from the Priory Hospital North London. Please see the programme for further details.