This course aims to help paediatric trainees consolidate the basic surgical skills of knot-tying by hand and instrument. Opportunity will be given to demonstrate proficiency in these skills on an individual basis using formal procedure-based assessments. Laparoscopic tissue handling and suturing skills will be practised using animal models.Learning OutcomesOn completion of the course, participants will be able to: 1) Demonstrate the principles of a small bowel anastomosis; 2) Demonstrate technique of open line insertion and vascular control with regard to the neonate; 3) Dissect the neck to locate and isolate the oesophagus; 4) Describe the embryology and anatomy of the neck and the anatomy of the chest wall; 5) Perform a thoracotomy followed by an oesophageal anastomosis akin to the neonatal TOF operation; 6) Demonstrate a simulated neonatal laparotomy; 7) Fashion an ileostomy and Stamm gastrostomy.