Who is this course for?A course designed for those planning to take the AKT component of the MRCGP within the next 12m or so i.e. those in ST2 and ST3, perhaps some in ST1. Note – the course is not designed for last minute cramming of factual medical knowledge. Aims• To learn strategies to maximise performance in the AKT module of the MRCGP.• To develop an understanding of the principles of Evidence Based Practice and to develop the skills in applying these to everyday practice to enhance life long learningObjectives• Understand the practical logistics of sitting the exam• Understand and apply relevant principles, methods and tools of Clinical Epidemiology• Learn important equations and principles of statistics• To practice questions on statistics (and screening tests) with feedback from tutors• To sit a RCGP approved mock AKT Paper and reflect on the experience of taking an RCGP AKT paper with feedback on your performance.• To understand the major sources that AKT examiners use to derive their questions. To identify learning needs and tips on how to address them.• Learn how to focus your learning and save time. Facilitator/Speaker Dr Nick PriceDr Neal MaskreyDr Dennis JesuthesanDr Alastair DixonDr Shazhad JamilOrganiser nameWhite RoseEmail