FREE WEBINAR: How to characterize co-administration of Sublingual Immunotherapy Tablets clinical practicalities, improving the patient tolerability and outcome

The great majority of patients consulting specialist physicians for allergic respiratory disease are polysensitized and thus may be potentially clinically polyallergic. However, management approaches to allergen immunotherapy (AIT) in polysensitized and polyallergic patients are not standardized. With new advancements in Allergy Immunotherapy (AIT) it is now possible to successfully treat patients with multiple respiratory allergies.

In this webinar, medical leaders in the treatment of allergies will discuss their key considerations and benefits of allergen-specific immunotherapy and highlight the potential of co-administration of SLIT-tablets with different allergens.

Join our panel of medical experts’ in allergic respiratory diseases to learn:

  • Clinical practicalities in the handling and management of patient tolerance at each stage of administration
  • Impressions during initiation of treatment, including improvements in patient efficacy, safety and outcomes
  • Challenges of patient adherence – opinion from clinical specialists on how to overcome sequential initiation challenges
  • The clinician perspective on the treatment experience and outcomes, including the convenience of at-home self-administration and no up-dosing

Suitable for Allergists, ENTs, Pulmonologists, Dermatologists, Pharmacists, and those in primary care, join live to take part in a Q&A with our experts.

Renowned scientists and specialists sharing their knowledge include:

  • Prof. Natalija Novak, Dermatology and Allergy Specialist
  • Prof. Sverre Steinsvåg, ENT Specialist
  • Prof. Rémi Gagnon, Allergy and Immunology Specialist

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