This immersive two-day course trains new ATLS® instructors, helping to sustain and grow the thriving ATLS® programme in the UK.It is designed specifically for those who have been nominated as having ATLS® Instructor Potential (IP) and focuses on the methods, standards, and processes involved in teaching the ATLS® course. As a verified ATLS® Instructor, you will also have ATLS® Provider status.Upon completion, you will have the necessary skills to develop a positive working environment and act as a supportive mentor to candidates on the provider course.After passing this course, you will achieve Instructor Candidate status. You should then be able to fully complete your ATLS Instructor training by teaching on the ATLS course as a member of faculty.You will need to do this within a year of completing your ATLS Instructor course.After completing this course, you will be able to:Describe the educational foundations underlying the ATLS courseExplain how to develop a positive learning environmentUse objectives and outcomes effectively Facilitate different types of learning Create interactivity in teaching and learningAdopt a systematic approach to planning and teaching interactive scenarios sessionsDiscuss how improvements can be made to other’s teaching, through feedback and analysis of sessionsDiscuss and plan the requirements needed for ATLS assessments State the roles and responsibilities of the ATLS instructorSet up and teach each of the skill stations using the 4 step techniqueSet up and manage a practice and a test moulage stationDescribe how to mentor a candidate on a provider courseRecord and feedback participant’s results In the event of unsuccessful completionIf you are unsuccessful on the course you will not be able to attend another Instructor course within 2 year period. Following the attendance on the course, your instructor potential status will be terminated and in order to apply for another instructor course you will have to gain Instructor potential status again.Course contentYou will cover a variety of topics specific to teaching ATLS during this course, including:Principles of learningEffective critique and feedbackTeaching techniquesSet, dialogue, and closureSkills teaching using the 4 stage techniqueFundamentals of assessmentQuestioning for interactove scenarioInitial assessment (moulage)Take a look at a sample ATLS Instructor Course programmePlease read the information about teaching on ATLSPlease note that the ATLS Steering Group may take remedial action in the case of any issues with Instructors, and they reserve the right to withdraw Instructor status in particular circumstances.