This workshop is for experienced practitioners who are looking to acquire a higher level of knowledge and skill in telephone consultation and triage work. Delegates will have previously attended the RCGP Telephone Consultation and Triage Skills Training Workshop. Participants will gain further understanding of the strategies required when dealing with complex calls, such as multiple symptoms, mental health calls, paediatric cases or generally difficult callers where more complex questioning skills are required. Techniques for in depth history taking, assimilation, decision making and development of management plans are discussed. Using real examples of calls from both in hours and out of hours, this course is suitable for GPs working in both areas.This course is delivered and lead by Sally-Anne Pygall, author of ‘RCGP Learning Telephone Triage and Consultation: Are We Really Listening’, highly recommended by the GMC and published by the RCGP.Learning Objectives• Provide additional knowledge for carrying out appropriate, cost effective and safe assessment• Improve the clinician’s confidence further in telephone work • Discuss and practice safe and comprehensive history taking within more advanced and potentially complex telephone interactions• Explore negotiation skills and how to manage difficult callers• Demonstrate advanced skills needed for telephone work i.e. communication skills, negotiating skills• Practice safe and comprehensive assessment throughout the three key stages of a call• Manage complex calls, such as paediatric and mental health calls to an appropriate outcome• Use dummy calls, scenarios, role play and plenary to consolidate learning Pricing Members – £185.00Non Members – £220.00