The PCDS and Dermoscopy UK have been running AdvancedDermoscopy courses for over 10 years making them the longestrunning and most highly regarded dermoscopy courses in the UK.The courses are regularly adapted and modified to create an in depth,up to date and unique learning experience relevant to UK clinicalpractice. The varied course content, from concise lectures, clinicalcase scenarios, case discussions and quizzes generate excellentdelegate feedback. An additional value from our education is the realterm clinical outcome gained from translating the information learnedduring the course into meaningful improved clinical efficiency.Jonathan Bowling has shown increasing clinical efficiency is possible,within a busy NHS skin cancer service, by improving clinical diagnosiswith dermoscopy.He has published results in diagnostic accuracy comparable to theWorld’s best cancer centres.*The results have shown that with expert experience in dermoscopy youcan improve clinical performance within the clinic to:• reduce unnecessary surgery• diagnose skin cancer earlier• improve economics of delivering a skin cancer serviceIncreased diagnostic accuracy leads to increased cost efficiency leadsto improved patient care.