A packed two-day Advanced Communication Skills course for doctors run by established NHS consultants, dealing with all important aspects of communication with patients and colleagues. Based on a series of discussions and workshops, with plenty of practice, the course takes an in-depth look at the factors influencing communication and behaviours.

From building rapport and managing expectations, to handling sensitive situations, conflicts, time-waters, and learning to assert yourself without appearing aggressive, this course has all the ingredients you need to develop effective communication skills that will help you become more effective in your day-to-day dealings with patients, clinical colleagues and managers.

2 Days – 12 CPD points

ISC Medical’s two-day Advanced Communication Skills course is designed for doctors who wish to explore ways of making their communication skills more effective in their dealings with both patients and colleagues.

Through a series of discussions and interactive workshops, you will discover the factors that influence communication and behaviour and learn how to:

Create a dialogue and build trust
Use non-verbal communication effectively
Optimise your listening and empathy abilities
Manage expectations and manage the ‘disappointment gap’
Understand how your own attitude impacts on others
Identify your own natural communication style and adapt it to others.
Deal with conflict effectively.
Improve compliance and achieve concordance.
Deal with sensitive situations (breaking bad news, dealing with complaints)
Deal with difficult patients and colleagues
Use communication strategies to enhance the efficiency of consultations
Be assertive without being aggressive.