Job planning is not just about agreeing a weekly timetable – it can be used to drive improvements in patient care.” BMA July 2018“Job plans are not set in stone, there is an expectation that job plans will need to change over time to reflect your varying needs, differentservice needs, new treatments, new patient pathways and so on”Dr Helen Fidler, Deputy Chair BMA UK Consultants Committee May 2018“The job planning process should be:• undertaken in a spirit of collaboration and cooperation• completed in good time• reflective of the professionalism of being a doctor• focused on measurable outcomes that benefit patients• consistent with the objectives of the NHS, the organisation, teams and individuals• clear about the supporting resources the trust will provide to ensure that objectives can be met• transparent, fair and honest• flexible and responsive to changing service needs during each job plan year• fully agreed and not imposed• focused on enhancing outcomes for patients whilst maintaining service efficiency• consistent with the principles set out in the Follett review, in the case of clinical academics”The BMA July 2018We are pleased to announce the seventh national Job Planning Conference. The conference aims to bring together those leading andimproving the effectiveness of Job planning to understand current issues and the national context, and to debate and discuss key issues andareas they are facing in practice. The CPD certified conference focuses on delivering successful consultant job planning and maximizing thebenefits for patients, for doctors and for the service, and ensuring compliance with the NHS Improvement best practice guidance.Through a series of presentations and extended interactive sessions this one day conference will provide delegates with the opportunityimprove their skills in leading the job plan reviews, ensuring the job plan improves personal development goals, individual and serviceobjectives. Extended sessions will focus on negotiating job plans, managing difficult issues, calculating and agreeing PA’s, developingannualisation and developing team job planning. Managing difficult issues, mediation and legal contractual issues will also be covered.Benefits of attendingThis conference will enable you to:• Network with colleagues who are working to improve consultant job planning• Learn from outstanding practice in the development effective job planning practice• Update your knowledge to comply with the NHS Improvement best practice guidance• Reflect on how you can assess the effectiveness of your system• Develop your skills in leading Job Planning Reviews• Understand how to work with staff to ensure job planning works to improve patient care, achieve service business plans and the trust’sorganisational objectives• Understand how to renegotiate job plans including legal issues around identifying contractual terms and exploiting existing flexibilities• Developing systems that improve the management of difficult issues in job planning• Self assess and understand the barriers and challenges• Gain CPD accreditation points contributing to professional development and revalidation evidence