Modern neurology needs its practitioners to combine awareness of cutting edge diagnostic techniques and complex therapeutics with a sound knowledge of neurological localisation and basic clinical skills. More than most specialities the interpretation of the history and the ability to separate what is organic from what is not are key skills. Like all specialities there are common presentations that need fast assessment in the busy clinic environment.

We’ve arranged a day to try and reflect the modern reality of a clinical neurologist. Key features include a pacy and varied program, with authoritative and dynamic speakers, and two debate sessions concentrating on divisive issues in neurological therapeutics and diagnosis. Our keynote lecturer will highlight and explain the clinical symptomatology and diagnosis of dementia syndromes.

We’ve arranged the day around the different aspects of a neurologists life, which includes inpatient and outpatient work, everyday common presentations and an ability to recognise the unusual. Our ‘heated debates’ section invites surgical colleagues to address the existence of normal pressure hydrocephalus, while experts in multiple sclerosis will consider how we should be using modern immunotherapies in that disorder, which have become so much more effective in recent years.

Audience interaction will be a key component in all sessions, especially the debates. The symposium is aimed at students, doctors in training, GPs, general physicians, and of course neurologists as well.

Dr James Overell
Chair, Organising Committee