In this half-day course, Dr Elaine Vickers will equip learners with the scientific concepts, language, and knowledge that healthcare professionals need in order to discuss immunotherapies with their patients and colleagues.
Dr Vickers’ goal is to explain the science that underpins immunotherapy. She also hopes to provide learners with a broad understanding of why it works well for some patients but not for others.

Treatments covered include checkpoint inhibitors (e.g. ipilimumab, pembrolizumab, nivolumab), cell-based treatments (CAR T cell therapy, TCRengineered T cells), and vaccine-based treatments (peptide, dendritic cell, oncolytic viruses).

Elaine’s presentations are full of colourful and enlightening illustrations to help learners make sense of
scientific concepts. Her descriptions avoid unnecessary jargon and are pitched so that even those with a limited understanding of cell biology and immunology are able to understand.

The content of the course will be available online.