This course, organised by the Genital Dermatology Special Interest Group of the British Association of Sexual Health & HIV (BASHH), covers basic topics in genital dermatology and offers a choice of four practical workshops from which each delegate can choose two. Details of workshops are given below.

Aim of the course
To equip participants with the basic knowledge and skills for the effective management of genital skin conditions.

This course will be useful to all clinicians dealing with genital dermatology conditions: Consultants, specialty trainees, SAS doctors, GPs, nurse practitioners and clinical nurse specialists in genitourinary medicine/sexual & reproductive health, gynaecology & urology.

Doctors and nurses training in dermatology may also find this course interesting and helpful.

Learning Objectives
By then end of the course you should:


Understand the basic pathophysiology of the skin
Have knowledge of common genital skin conditions and challenging cases
Be aware of the principles of topical therapy
Understand the principles of genital skin biopsy

Be competent and feel comfortable performing a genital dermatological examination
Develop the skills necessary to perform a genital skin biopsy
Optimise care pathways for patients through improved links with local dermatology services
When registering online, you may choose 2 out of the 4 workshops below:

I Basic techniques in genital dermatology
II Genital skin biops
III Challenging vulval dermatological cases
IV Genital eczema: case management approach and principles of topical treatment