As Part of Europe’s leading Injectable conference series, the 5th annual Injectable Drug Delivery conference will assess innovations in drug product formulation and biologics, new technologies in device design, along with the latest regulatory considerations for optimal drug delivery.
With increasing demand for vaccines, insulin, and many other modern medicines administered via the injectable route, there is significant growth projected in the biologics market, particularly the injectable drug delivery and prefilled syringe market which is expected to rise at a compound annual growth rate of 12.9% reaching £915 billion by 2027. It is due to this rising demand and increased growth that the industry must come together to discuss and critically evaluate the next generation of injectable drug delivery.
At this year’s event we will highlight the most recent innovations within the industry, with regard to injectable device design and the formulation challenges of long-lasting, highly viscous and high-volume drug delivery. In silico modelling will be addressed as we continue to see a move towards AI utilisation, alongside key CMC concerns and usability of injectable devices in digital health. The conference will also highlight the significance of sustainability within the industry, whilst providing regulatory insight on the changes that have occurred and are forecast in the coming years.

Benefits of attending:
• Explore the latest trends within the Injectable drug delivery field, with new insights into in-silico modelling
• Expand on current knowledge of device design, with special considerations for primary and secondary packaging
• Examine injectable drug formulation strategies, including novel formulation methodologies
• Learn how to advance the injectable drug delivery landscape through a review of current regulatory compliance
• Realise how Chemical Manufacturing and Control can further expand the industry through digitalisation strategies

Who should attend:
Executives, Directors, VPs, Heads, Principals, Managers, Scientists, Researchers of:
• Autoinjectors
• Wearables
• Device Engineering
• Human Factors
• Injectables
• Sterile Manufacturing
• Packaging
• Regulatory Affairs

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