A new course: an essential step towards FAMUS (FAMUS Approved course) accreditation and a first step towards RCR L1 Thoracic US accreditation.A practical course organised by Infomed Research & Training, on Thursday 17 and Friday 18 October 2019, at the Holiday Inn Cambridge, Lakeview, Bridge Road, Cambridge CB24 9PHCourse DirectorDr Pasupathy Sivasothy, Consultant in Respiratory Medicine, Addenbrooke’s Hospital, CambridgeVisiting Faculty:Prof Dr Daniel LichtensteinMedical Intensivist and Visiting Professor, University Hospital Ambroise-Paré, ParisDaniel Lichtenstein is a medical intensivist, visiting Professor, since 1989 at François Jardin’s medical I.C.U. He defined in 1991 critical ultrasound, a whole-body approach to the critically ill, mainly focused around lung ultrasound with extensions to acute respiratory failure (the BLUE-protocol), circulatory failure (the FALLS-protocol), and interventional ultrasound (thoracocentesis, venous line insertions, …) using simple equipment and a unique probe. One textbook (last Edition, 2010, Springer), two dozens of original articles (critical, venous and lung ultrasound). President of CEURF (international training centre with personalized training at the bedside).Course fee£545 (inc. VAT)Course fee includes web access to the latest Course data and presentationssubmitted by the faculty, lunch and refreshments and attendance certificate.Introduction to the course by Dr Pasupathy Sivasothy:Target AudienceRespiratory and Chest PhysiciansAcute Medicine and Emergency Medicine PhysiciansAnaesthetists and IntensivistsAlso suitable for ACCS traineesNumbers strictly limitedAbout the courseThe course builds on the success of Infomed’s RCP-approved RCR Level 1 Thoracic Ultrasound course, which has been running since 2010, with excellent delegate feedback, and which is here augmented to cover all FAMUS curriculum (pdf) components, as well as basic Echo (fluid status).Offers a foundation in the ultrasound skills needed in the assessment of the acutely unwell patient (no ultrasound knowledge or experience required): an essential step towards FAMUS accreditation, and a first step towards RCR Level 1 Thoracic Ultrasound accreditation. Gain the basic knowledge and skills that will allow you to start supervised practice at work: setting up the scanner and maximising image quality, basic scanning techniques, recognising normal anatomy and pathologies.A practical course, designed to maximise opportunities for: hands-on learning, developing your interpretation skills and developing a systematic approach to ultrasoundassessment (the BLUE protocol).If you attended Infomed’s Thoracic Ultrasound course, and are looking for a refresher, or additional competencies, then you will find that this course is for you.Delegates attend hands-on ultrasound skills stations, scanning on normal models, mannequins and patients under Faculty supervision, as well as iMac workstations for additional opportunities for pathology recognition and clinical case scenarios.Pre-course online lectures, review lectures on the day, and skills stations under expert supervision.Pre-course learning materialsLectures (videos and slides) are available online:allowing delegates to view lectures at their leisure before the course (and revision after the course); andallowing much more time for ‘hands-on’ learning and practice on the course days properDelegates are given password-protected access.NB For those seeking FAMUS accreditation, the first steps are: (1) register with the FAMUS administrator; (2) identify a Supervisor to oversee your training; (3) complete the e-learning module covering basic theory, ICE-BLU online e-learning module; and (4) Enrol on a FAMUS approved course. See the FAMUS curriculum pack (pdf).Please note that the online lectures are a requirement for the course and complement but do not replace the requirement to complete the ICE-BLU module. Most trainees will probably find the module a bit more challenging than the online lectures.