The Vascular Society lower limb amputation course is aimed at surgical trainees at the ST3 – 5 level.The course will run over two days in the West Midlands Surgical Training Centre with a high faculty to delegate ratio. The course will be a series of brief lectures followed by formal teaching on anatomical specimens.One delegate per lower limb will be available giving excellent opportunities to become proficient in the theoretical and practical skills on lower limb amputation.This medical course is based on the RCS Major Lower Limb Amputation Course originally set up by Mr Waqar Yusef and is being run outside London for the third time.Faculty include Prof Shervanthi Homer, Mr Waqar Yusef, Mr David Russell, Mr Nick Mattharu, Mr Asif Mahmood, Mr Andy Garnham, Mr Zaid Kahan, Mr Isaac Nyameke and Prof Chris ImrayThese sessions are fully interactive with an emphasis placed on hands on skills and knowledgeable faculty who provide superior training and immediate feedback in a practical and controlled workshop environment Participants will have the privilege of using fresh frozen cadaveric material throughout this course.