Time Session9.00-9.30 Registration, welcome and coffee9.30-9.35 WelcomeDr Riadh Abed EPSIG Chair9.35-12.20 Morning SessionChair: Prof George Ikkos9.35-10.20 Keynote: Human ethology and the understanding of personality disorderDr Gerhard Medicus (Austria)10.20-10.35 Q&A10.35-11.20 Keynote: Surviving at the cost of suffering: The mixed blessings of ourevolved neuroplastic brainsDr Haley Peckham (Australia)11.20-11.35 Q&A11.35-11.50 Coffee Break11.50-12.35 Keynote: Form follows function: An evolutionary model of the structure ofpsychopathologyProf Marco Del Giudice (USA)12.35-12.50 Q&A12.50-13.45 Lunch13.45-17.30 Afternoon SessionChair: Dr Paul St John-Smith13.45-14.30 Keynote: Can evolutionary thinking shed light on gender diversity: A viewfrom the clinicBernadette Wren (UK)14.30-14.45 Q&A214.45-15.00 Coffee Break15.00-15.45 Keynote: An evolutionary model of depressionProf Markus Rantala (Finland)15.45-16.00 Q&A16.00-16.45 Keynote: Depression: What (if anything) is it, and what are its evolutionaryorigins?Prof Daniel Nettle (UK)16.45-17.00 Q&A17.00-17.30 General Discussion and CloseThe conference dinner will be at 19.00. This will need to be booked separately. Venue TBC