The UK Peripheral Nerve Clinical Research Network was established in 2018 tofacilitate development and delivery of high-quality trials in peripheral nerve disordersacross the NHS in the UK. The last meeting in Birmingham was attended by morethan 50 clinicians who presented current trials, collaborative opportunities and futuredirections for research in the UK. Since the last meeting the UK Nerve EngineeringNetwork has been established allowing basic science and pre-clinical researchers tounderstand the clinical opportunities for translation to Phase 1 and 2 trials.If you are a clinician with a major interest in peripheral nerve disorders and wouldlike to hear more about trials in development, currently recruiting UK peripheralnerve trials, become involved as a recruitment centre in funded multi-centre trials,present your original research or develop a research idea with potential collaboratorsthen this meeting is for you.The meeting is open to clinicians and therapists with a major interest in peripheralnerve disorders, and research. There are a limited number of funded places fortrainees in plastic surgery, orthopaedic surgery and hand surgery from across theUK. One of the aims of this year’s meeting is to develop a network of traineecollaborators for rapid feasibility studies and audits of current practice and outcomesin areas that will lead to future research themes.There is limited funding available through our research partners and commercialsponsors that has enabled us to provide the conference facilities free to the first 60clinicians and 15 trainees. I would urge you to register early to avoid disappointment.