Antibody-drug conjugates are coming of age with a remarkable surge in recent times, which has marked a turning point in their development. Notable achievements include the ground-shaking triumph of ENHERTU, eye-popping investments like Pfizer’s monumental $43 billion acquisition of Seagen, and the FDA’s greenlight for ELAHERE. These milestones have transformed the ADC landscape, driving increased interest and investment in the field, which now has a preclinical and clinical arena dynamically evolving.

As such, the 14th World ADC London returns next March. This will be the first opportunity in the new year to explore these monumental wins, reflect on ongoing challenges, and collaborate on innovative strategies to supercharge all stages of ADC development.

Secure regulatory approvals and position ADCs at the forefront of revolutionary therapies with exclusive insights into linker-payload optimization, pioneering target discovery, strategic toxicity management, precise combination partner selection, and rapid manufacturing advancements.

No ADC stone was left unturned as we united 600+ leading players in the field under one roof including AbbVie, AstraZeneca, Daiichi Sankyo, GlaxoSmithKline, Immunogen, Regeneron, Seagen, and many more.


Industry Pricing: Conference + Seminar Day + Workshop Day (Full 4 Day Access Pass): GBP 4595.00,
Industry Pricing: Conference + Seminar day OR Workshop Day (3 Day Pass): GBP 3587.00,
Industry Pricing: Conference only (2 Day Pass): GBP 2599.00,
Academic Pricing: Conference + Seminar Day + Workshop Day (Full 4 Day Access Pass): GBP 3695.00,
Academic Pricing: Conference + Seminar day OR Workshop Day (3 Day Pass): GBP 2897.00,
Academic Pricing – Conference only (2 Day Pass): GBP 2099.00,
Solution Provider Pricing: Conference + Seminar Day + Workshop Day (Full 4 Day Access Pass): GBP 5195.00,
Solution Provider Pricing: Conference + Seminar day OR Workshop Day (3 Day Pass): GBP 4197.00,
Solution Provider Pricing: Conference only (2 Day Pass) : GBP 3199.00

Speakers: Alain Beck, Senior Director – Biologics Chemisty Manufacturing Controls and Developability, Pierre Fabre, Ali Chesney, Director of Toxicology, ImmunoGen, Andrea Ruggerio, Researcher, Merck KGaA, Healthcare, Anik Plfi, Director Biochemistry and Cell Biology, Heideburg Pharma, Astrid Clarke, Director, Head of Early Stage IND to Medicine Research, Seagen, Benedicte Recolin, Associate Director – Safety Sciences, AstraZeneca, Benjamin Fabre, Scientist and Assistant Drug Controller and Development Expert, Sanofi, Benjamin Thomas, Senior Vice President – External Innovation and Operations, Oxford Biotherapeutics, Bertrand Cottineau, Head of R and D, Axplora, Bob Lutz, Chief Scientific Officer, Iksuda Therapeutics, Brandon Coyle, Senior Research Scientist II Purification, Gilead, Christina Derleth, Vice President – Clinical Development, Seagen, Christine Koehler, Head, Antibody Engineering, VERAXA Biotech, Colin McKee, Head of Technical Services, Sterling Pharma Solutions, Colm Readdington, Director – Global Regulatory, Chemistry, Manufacturing and Controlz, AstraZeneca, Conor Barry, Head of Development, Piramal Pharma Solutions, Daniel Milano, Senior Director, Process Development, ImmunoGen, Dhiraj Gambhire, Executive Director – Global Clinical Lead, Enhertu, Breast and Medica, Daiichi Sankyo, Douglas Levine, Senior Principal Scientist, MSD, Emmett Schmidtt, Vice President, Lead External Collaborations Project Team, Global Clinical Development, MSD, Eshita Khera, Principal Scientist II, Novartis, Futa Mimoto, Senior Director – Protein Analysis, Pharmacokinetics and Oncology Pharmacology Unit Research Manager, Chugai Pharmaceuticals, Gerold Meindhardt, Vice President, Asset and Portfolio Management, Daiichi Sankyo, Gilles Gallant, Chief Development Officer, Mythic Therapeutics, Giorgio Salciarini, Marketing and Business Development Manager, BSP Pharmaceuticals, Greg Adams, Chief Scientific Officer, Elucida Oncology, Hans-George Lerchen, Chief Scientific Officer, Vincerx, Haowei Song, Principal Scientist in Novel Modalities RandD, Merck, Hongmei Xu, Vice President, Head of Quantitative Pharmacology Clinical Development, Bicycle Therapeutics, Ian Andrews, Senior Manager, Strategic External Development, GlaxoSmithKline, Jacqueline Leuci, Development Associate II, ImmunoGen, Jahan Khalili, Vice President, Immuno-Oncology, Systimmune, Jake Morris, Account Manager, Beacon Targeted Therapies, Jake Spies, Senior Scientist Group Lead Process and Analytical Development, MERCK, Jamie Baker, Professor, University College London, Jan Schnitzer, Founder, Director and Chief Executive Officer, PRISM, Jesus Fuentas Antras, Clinical Research Fellow, Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, Jia He, Researcher, Beacon Targeted Therapies, Jian Chen, Director – Translational Research and Preclinical Development, BioAtla, Jianwen Feng, Senior Director, Antibody Discovery and Protien Science, Pyxis Oncology, Jimmy Li, Chief Executive Officer, WuXi Biologics, JinChen Yu, Senior Vice President, Bio-Thera Solutions, Jiong Yang, Director, Quality, MSD, Joanne McGregor, Director, Head ADC Platform, GlaxoSmithKline, John Lambert, Independent Consultant, John Zhu, Chief Executive Officer, Duality Bio, José M. Mejía, Oneto Chief Executive Officer, Shasqi, Juan Carlos Cordova, Associate Director, Bioconjugation Process Development and Manufacturing, LOXO Oncology, Julie Beaudet, CMC Staff Scientist, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Jutta Deckert, Executive Director – Translational RandD, Iksuda Therapeutics, Kerry Chester, Professor of Molecular Medicine Research Department of Oncology, University College London, Krista Kinneer, Director, Translational Medicine, AstraZeneca, Kurt Pike, Senior Director, External Innovation, The Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson and Johnson, Larisa Stone, Clinical Development Director, Gilead, Lo Marx, Medicinal Chemist and Bioconjugation Manager, Debiopharm, Lolke De Haan, Vice President – Toxicology, ADC Therapeutics, Martha Neagu, Medical Director, Oncology Early Development, AbbVie, Martina Antonelli, Researcher, Merck KGaA, Michael Alonso, Marketing and Business Development Manager, BSP Pharmaceuticals, Michael Method, Executive Medical Director, Immunogen, Michael Seganish, Senior Principal Scientist, Discovery Chemistry, Merck, Mike Liao, Global Clinical Pharmacology Lead, Genentech, Ming-Tian Lai, Chief Scientific Officer, OBI Pharma, Mohit Rawat, President and Chief Business Officer, Fusion Pharmaceuticals, Nathan Alves, Associate Professor / Director of Translational Research, Indiana University School of Medicine, Nicolas Camper, Senior Director, Bioconjugation Chemistry, Abzena, Nienke Vriezen, Senior Director Upstream, Byondis, Noah Bindman, Principal Scientist, Seagen, Oliver Ducoudret, Senior Development Specialist (Quality Control), MacroGenics, Paul Song, Chief Scientific Officer, Genequantum Healthcare, Rachel Shi, Chief Medical Officer, Genequantum Healthcare, Raffaele Colombo, Principal Scientist and Group Lead, Medicinal Chemisty, Zymeworks, Rakesh Dixit, Independent Consultant, Salvatore Rizzo, Associate Director – External Quality, Seagen, See Phan, Vice President, Clinical Research Oncology, Gilead, Shuwen Sun, Principal Scientist, Merck and Co., Stepan Chuprakov, Director, Chemistry, Catalent Biologics, Stephanie Monson, Principal Scientist, Genentech, Sunny-Zhou, Professor, Northeastern University School of Science, Thomas Nittoli, Director – RandD Chemistry Therapeutic Proteins, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Thomas Powles, Director, Barts Cancer Institute, Tomohiro Fujii, ADC Researcher, Ajinomoto Bio-Pharma Services, Torbjorn Graslund, Associate Professor, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Venkatesh Pilla Reddy, Senior Director, Global PKPD and Pharmacometrics, Eli Lilly, Vijay Chudasama, Professor, University College London, Vincent Blot, Senior Director – Oncology Clinical Development, AbbVie, W. Frank An, Senior Director of Antibody Therapeutics, Biocytogen, William Goundry, Principal Scientist – New Modalities, AstraZeneca, Yan Shi, Chief Medical Officer, Genequantum Healthcare, Yang Qiu, Chief Scientific Officer, Duality Biologics, Yariv Hefez, Senior Vice President Head Global Business Franchise Oncology, Merck Group, Zaiqi Wang, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Inxmed